It is among the biggest headaches for managers in Nunavut when, during a busy day and on top of the pressing deadlines you have to handle, you are called upon to deal with employee performance or disciplinary issues.

On the other hand, in today’s litigious society and online environment, employment issues are full of traps and are not unlike mine field. One misstep will land you on the witness stand of a courtroom or a minor controversy on the local newspaper or social media. Recent lawsuits initiated by former employees against Qulliq Energy Corporation are the best examples. There is an additional level of complexity from working in a small town setting where your employees could be your neighbours or social friends. And you don’t always have a lawyer at each step along the way helping you navigate these difficult issues.

This one-day workshop, specially designed for mid-level managers in Nunavut with busy schedules, will provide you with a summary of the prevailing legal framework as well as practical strategies on various labour and employment issues in Nunavut.

You will hear from our outstanding faculty, most of whom are practicing lawyers in Nunavut, on a variety of topics including key provisions of Labour Standard Acts and Regulations, the dos and don’ts on disciplining and terminating employees, identifying and handling workplace harassment issues, latest development on employer’s duty to accommodate as well as special cross-cultural considerations in Nunavut under the overall backdrop of Article 23 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.